Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My other brother Darrell

This is a photo I took at the Krebsbach family re-union of my step father's brother, Darrell.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's been a while

It was a busy May for me. Work work work and when I wasn't at work I was taking my youngest to her soccer practices and games. (It's not just soccer moms!)

In the middle of that, my wife and I were cleaning the house to try and sell it and build a new one.

Lots going on.

Then I got the call. 8:30pm my wife answered her cell phone and her face just fell. It seems my daughter who'd gotten her license in April, and she just rolled the truck she was driving. First things first, she's ok. I am not even sure she was all that shook up. I can tell you for sure I was shook up more than she was!

She was on a gravel road and took a corner too fast and started to fish tail and down into the ditch she went, rolling the truck upside down twice from the sounds of it. I am glad she's ok, but now I am out the vehicle that she was driving and of course she doesn't understand why I can't just go out and buy her another one! Clearly I have done something wrong in raising this child.

So for now, she is driving one of the other vehicles while I decided what to do about her driving on a more permanent basis. Is it too harsh to make her buy her own vehicle? She's only 16 and has no job so if I tell her she has to buy her own, she won't have one for years, but she also needs to understand that her recklessness has consequences and also that money doesn't grow on trees.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Online Printing - MPix - Update

Count me a believer!

I have already received my prints from MPix and they are wonderful! Specifically the metallic 8x12 is totally awesome! I had someone at my job like it so much, that she wanted it and would like a black and white version too!

I will most definitely be using MPix again.

I am going to test Adorama and WHCC too, but for now I am an MPix believer and would wholeheartedly give them my recommendation.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Daughters and Driving

First of all, stay out of the eastern St Paul Metro area for, oh..., the next three or four years.

My 16 year old daughter just got her driver's license a week ago. Now she's responsible and all, but I am absolutely terrified! I pulled out of the driveway this morning to go to work and I see the mini van across the street and the left rear bumper is just crumpled. The first thought through my mind wasn't, "hmm I wonder what happend?", it was OMG that could by my daughter!

My thought wasn't a financial concern, (thought I have to admit it certainly is a concern), it really is around her safety. I have her driving a midsize suv, for both better road visibility and hopefully better saftey vs a car, but no one is safe on the road when facing one of those mountain sized suv's or a semi.

I clearly knew in the back of my mind that getting into an accident was a distinct possibility, well, probably certain event, but I don't think it actually hit me until this morning.

Makes my palms sweat now just thinking about it. Thankfully she is level headed and we have set expectations about her driving as well as new laws enacted in Minnesota that prevent a new driver from having more than one non family passenger for the first six months that they're driving, so I know she's as safe as I can make her.

But still....

Online Printing - MPix

Last night I decided to tryout an online printer I've heard good things about. So I went to http://mpix.com/ and created an account. I uploaded three images and made four prints. I printed three different 8x12 images, one being black and white, one being metallic and one normal print. I also took one of the images used in an 8x12 print and had an 18x12 image printed which I added the luster coating to.

The total cost was around $30 with shipping. I am not sure how long it will take to get to me, nor am I sure if the prints will come flat or rolled, but I'll update the blog when I receive the images. I am expecting either late next week or the week after.

I am excited to see the results. I have the ability to print up to 8x10 at home and have ok results, but really nothing I'd like to frame. I don't have my monitors/printer calibrated, but my prints do represent the color and brightness of one of my monitors well, so I am hoping that the prints made by Mpix turn out well.

Above are the three images I printed, with the flower basket the image that was printed large.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Posting Images to the Web

With my last couple of posts I talked about having a good name for my business and posting images to the web.

I'd like to make a couple of points.

First, Lightroom needs to add the ability to add a creative copyright notice to an image. If the process is going to allow the program to create web galleries then they are going to have to give us a better way to protect our images when they are uploaded.

Second, check out this link from TWIP, http://twipphoto.com/archives/3030. This is a vimeo video posted by Nicolsey about how to create and add a text copyright notice to an image. I watched the video a couple of times and was able to walk through the process and create a decent looking copyright notice that I added to one of my newly uploaded photo galleries.

Check out the video!

Back at work...

Well vacation's over and I am back to work. Lots of things changing here at work with the economy and all.

I was actually able to go out shooting this weekend. Went to a local nature center on Saturday just before dusk and was able to get some interesting photos of some cattails and some bark.

Went out Sunday to the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge in Bloomington just after lunch and spent some time walking along one of the trails, (too much time as my aching feet tell me now!). It was very windy and hazy so it wasn't a good day for landscapes, so I put my 300 f/4 on and went macro hunting. I found some more bark that I liked along with some fungus. Nothing too spectacular, but it was good to just get out again.

In both instances, I used Adobe Lightroom 2.3 to create the web gallery. The Lightroom upload process didn't work, (most likely a problem with my hosting site), but I was able to use the export function from the web gallery option and upload manually. I wish there were more options that the four given as I am not a big fan of using Flash, but it worked for a quick and dirty way to throw some images up on a web site.

Check out the photos at: http://www.caperiver.com/ and follow the links to the photos. Let me know what you think!